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Friday, July 18, 2008

Nine which is reported to be released in 2009 seems to give chance to Fergie to take part on the movie. It will be her first significant leading role on the big screen.

Fergie has had smaller roles on movies in recent years, including 2007ís Grindhouse and 2006ís Poseidon. She began her acting career on the small screen on the show Kids Incorporated. Fergie has been cast as one of the final puzzle pieces in the Rob Marshallís ensemble musical, Nine, for The Weinstein Company. The casting will be announced Friday.

While there are several female leads in the film, including Academy Award winners Kate Hudson (announced Wednesday), Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren and Marion Cotillard, as well as Academy Award nominee Penelope Cruz, Fergieís role will be significant.

The musical revolves around the women in the life of the male lead character, Guido Contini, who will be played by two-time Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis.

Nine opened on Broadway in 1982 and was revived starring (amongst others) Antonio Banderas (and later, John Stamos), Mary Stuart Masterson, Jane Krakowski, Chita Rivera and Laura Benanti.

Nine is a musical following a film director named Guido Contini, who is in his middle age. He is trying to complete his next film. His main problem is that he has too many women in his life. Luisa, his wife, Carla his sexy mistress, and Claudia, his muse and protege.

Hm...sounds like a sexy flick.

Can't wait no longer!

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